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$20 Tire Repair

Mounting Tire Service

Get back on the road quickly and affordably with our $20 tire repair. Conveniently located just off 440 at Nolensville Rd, Larry's Auto and Tire has been offering auto repair as well as tire repair service in Nashville since 1989. We know waiting for a tow, or trying to find a repair shop only increases your frustration. So we provide quick no appointment needed tire service. Most of the time we can repair a flat within 30 minutes.

Road Hazards Abound

With the growth of Nashville, construction and road work tires take a beating including: sharp objects, roadway debris, curbs and constant wear. While it is easy to detect a flat (just look at your vehicle) many road hazards cause tire problems but are not as obvious. Striking or running over debris may appear to cause no damage; but what you cannot easily see could still cause harm.

If your tires become misaligned or get out of balance you could be causing extreme wear with each mile. Bent rims are also an issue often ignored. Yet this may be causing additional stress which will cause a future failure. If you experience a minor collision our service techs can check the car to determine if there is tire damage. This is a free inspection and can help put your mind at ease. Keeping a check, proper inflation and periodic rotation will extend the life of your tires.


  • Repair - flats, punctures, side wall damage
  • Rotation - will spread road wear evenly
  • Mount and Balance - will provide smoother rides and reduce wear
  • Alignment we make sure the suspension and wheels are in synch
  • Replacement - install one to four new brand name tires

There are several additional tests we perform when repairing tires including: tread thickness (take the penny test), wear/tear, proper inflation pressure, leak free valve stems and a general examination of the tire. We want to be sure to service not only your tire problem but maintian the overall health of all your tires. Our mechanics are ASE certified and dedicated to quality and customer service.


Even with proper maintenance and service your tires will eventually need to be replaced. Low tread, excessive wear or seeing wires sticking out from the tire are all indications that a tire replacement is in order. We generally reccomended replacing all four tires at once. However, we do not oversell. Every situtation is different and we will provide our opinion along with the reasoning so you can make the best decision.

Our pricing is affordable and you have a wide selection of leading brand names. In addition to our guarantee you are further protected as we provide free rotation and brake inspection for the life of your tires. Other repair shops charge $30, $40 or more for this. We just consider doing so good customer service.

Repair Guarantee

We stand behind our work with a 12 month or 12,000 miles guarantee. Should your repaired or new tire experience the same issue bring in the vehicle and we will take a look repairing any problems. Many tire repair shops in Nashville will not guarantee their work and charge extra to look at what should have been repaired initially. Our business is built on customer satisfaction and referrals plus we take personal pride in our work.

Come experience the difference. Visit us 3600 Nolensville Pike in Nashville, call (615-333-0055) or complete our contact form and we will get back with you quickly.

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