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Emissions Test and Repair

While emission testing is good for the environment we can understand the trepidation many feel every year when their time comes due. Worse yet is to fail and now have to fix the problem. At Larry's Auto we have been helping cars pass (the right way) for years. If you are concerned bring in your car before the test we run the same diagnostic and can tell your result with great accuracy. If you fail bring in your report and we should be able to get everything running properly so you can pass on the second round.

Common problems relate to how the emission is processed. Whether the fuel mixture is running too rich or too lean can cause a failure. Another possible issue is caused by failure of the oxygen sensor which controls the mixture. Other issues involve the catalytic converter, coolant system and airflow. However, not all failures are caused by emissions. When the check engine light is "on" you will automatically fail. Larrys's Auto and Tire has all the equipment needed to determine the exact problem and then our technicians will fix correctly.

Whether before or after your inspection come to Larrys's Auto and Tire. We guarantee your car will pass.

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