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AC and Heating: Service and Repair

AC and Heating Repair Service Nashville

Be comfortable in your care with heat and air repair

Air Conditioner Service

During Nashville summers you definitely want your AC to blow cool air. Get an inspection before the heat sets in. Most times a quick inspection and a small fix will resolve any problems. Many times the air system just needs a charge. However, there are issues that could keep your car in the shop a bit longer. These include problems with the condenser or compressor. Even if you need replacement parts these can be obtained quickly from our supplier, so that at most you are out 1-2 days. We do not waste your time or dollars trying to repair a malfunctioning unit. Nor do we sell you a used part which will just give you problems later.

When working on AC we follow EPA rules concerning freon and our technicians are "MACS" certified. This useful chemical cools your car but does not play well with the environment. Therefore during service we use a machine that safely removes residual freon saving the environment. Unfortunately not every service shop takes the same care. When we are done we vacuum seal your car to remove any air in the system and then add back Freon. Don't suffer this summer. Bring your car in for an inspection today.

Heating Service

In addition to air cooling service we make sure your heating system is working properly. Your car's engine provides the heat but there could still be issues with the hoses or compressor. One big concern is the climate control. You do not want to turn up the tempature and blow lukewarm air. Scheduling is always the best way to ensure an appointment; but we understand sometimes this is not possible. We try to work in people throughout the day. So if you are experiencing Air or Heat problems stop by.

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