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Brake Repair Nashville

Brake Repair Nashville

Brake Inspection Nashville

Are you having brake problems? When you apply pressure do you hear a squeal or grinding? Noises coming from the tire area usually indicate brakes that are wearing down. These early warning indicators should not be overlooked because your brakes will only continue to deteriorate and early replacement will save you money as well as keeping your family safe.

Signs of Brake Wear

Brakes take a beating. They bear the weight of slowing a 4000-pound vehicle continuously, especially in city driving and unlike some other car repairs that allow you to continue driving (for a short time) you do not want to take that chance with your brakes. The squeal you hear is an on purpose built in early warning sign that you should heed. As you drive you may notice the squeal fades, this does not mean the problem has gone away, so please at least get a checkup when this occurs. Two other serious problems happen if brakes go unchecked. First, you may experience a jerkiness as your car stops as if the brakes are catching and releasing. Second, you will find yourself pressing harder and not slowing as fast when stopping. At this point definitely get your brakes looked at.

Many times, people put off brake repairs due to fear of cost or feel they just do not have the time. At Larry’s Auto and Tire we can usually give a quick look to determine your issue and provide both a time and cost estimate. It may be a simple fix and not a full repair; but it is good to know for sure. Scheduling is always better but we will do our best to work you in. As for cost, brake repair generally takes an hour per axle and we do provide a quote upfront. Don’t take chances visit us today.

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