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Engine Repair Nashville

Engine Repair Nashville

Make sure your Engine runs smoothly

The engine is a very complex machine and it is not always to diagnose problems quickly. In fact many mechanics do not take their time and do a thorough job which just ends up costing you time, money and frustration. That is why you should bring your car into Larry's Auto and Tire. Our technicians are ASE certified and have combined dozens of years experience working on engines.

If the car is running we will listen to the engine and probably take it for a test drive before diving into the engine compartment to see what is not working properly. If your car does not start we can have it towed into the shop. We are pretty good at what we do and know what parts fail commonly on the various makes and models. This knowledge means we are able to figure out what is wrong without wated time. From gasket replacement, to a tune up to replacing the entire engine we will take care of you.

The best indication of engine problems is the “check engine” light. Part of our evaluation is to hook into your computer and read the codes. While this does not always detail the problem it gives a direction for us to go saving you time.

While an initial evaluation does take time we try to work people in through the day. To be assured of a spot call a few days in advance or be at our shop early in the morning. Call or visit today and get your engine running right.

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