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Having Suspension Issues?

Suspension problems will not stop your car like an engine issue will; but don't ignore them or a simple fix can become a major repair. If you notice your car bounces more than normal over potholes or bumpy roads you might have an issue with your shocks or springs. If you hear strange noises from the tire area when turning your sockets may be wearing down due to lack of grease. If you experience looseness in turning or have to twist the steering wheel more to turn then you might need new tie rods or ball joints.

These are just a few of the problems that can cause problems. It is not always simple to diagnose suspension issues and that is why you need to get your car checked out by an expert. The techs at Larry's Auto have seen it all and after a test drive and a thorough inspection under the carriage can locate your problem. We will provide an estimate on the spot and if you are ready start on your repair. Most suspensions can be fixed in 1-2 days so you can get back on the road quickly.

Even if everything seems fine with your suspension periodic checkups can prevent costly repairs. Review your owners manual for manufacturer's reccommended inspection schedule. A quick check up every 10,000 miles will ensure big problems do not sneak up on you. Of course at the first sign of trouble you should bring in your car. Inspections can usually be done on the spot. Bring your car in and let us take a look.

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